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How meaningful and fulfilling is your work?

This can be a super confronting question. But when you let it in, you'll see making the big change isn't a far-fetched dream.

Life is more than just plowing through studies, board years and hopping up the career ladder as soon as possible. Rather, we tend to forget we have a choice - to not listen to societal rules, and dive deep into ourselves. Finding what gives you meaning and makes money while feeling great - that's when you reach your potential. Trust us, you can get there too.

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"The most extraordinary people in the world today do not have a career or a business. What they have are mission-driven careers."

- Vishen Lakihani, MindValley

Meaningful work and human creativity are gaining importance in the office.
Especially for a new generation of workers that expect companies to do well, or at least no harm, to the delicate world.
Secondly, automation leaves our human USP with collaboration and creativity. 

Work as we know it is broken.
It shouldn't be only meant for paying for your life - it should be seen as a means for developing yourself and attributing to the world's challenges. And making money while you're at it. 

A new cohort is waking up.
Young professionals are starting to see that their skills and their energy are valuable and unique. And that both can be used for 'good'. The only issue is - most of us never had to discover who they are and what their super powers are. 

That's why we started Calibrated.
To support young professionals that understand the above in unlocking their true potential and true added value. Also, we support companies in aligning these change makers in the workplace.

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Find your why in your work and career
What makes you feel super engaged in work projects? What is it that makes you tick and maybe even overly enthusiastic? We'll dive into your drivers, strengths, unique mix and link these to your current work or career in general.

Work in 2020 should not be draining or hyper stressful.
What are you doing to yourself? You've got so many years of work to go. Start finding balance by understanding your energy leaks and make impactful decisions that change the way you live, work and engage with others. 

Go back within yourself to see broken strings - and fix them.
We are driven by our beliefs and thoughts. Labels by our parents, beliefs through bad experiences and other opinions that you just copied. Give yourself a break, rewrite your self-talk and beliefs to shift your mindset.

Let us be your confronting mirror - and support hotline. 
Calibrate offers one-on-one coaching that is tailored to your needs, challenges and dreams. Whether it is getting guidance on the job, or supporting you into a new phase, we will make sure that you step outside your comfort zone and see all you can be. 

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“I'm a testimonial. Click to edit me and add text that says something nice about you and your services.”

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“I'm a testimonial. Click to edit me and add text that says something nice about you and your services.”

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Employers and contractors are dying for your unique flavor.

Discover what you can be if you start listening to what you really love to do, what really gives you energy and makes you powerful.

Together, we will work on how to reach it - starting with steps today.

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